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if You are IGNOU MCA_New Students and Find IGNOU MCA_New Question Paper ,IGNOU MCA_New Exam Question Paper Hindi & English Medium ,MCA_New Sample Paper, & MCA_New Guess Paper ,MCA_New Helpbook Guide ?

यदि आप IGNOU MCA_New के छात्र हैं और आप के MCA_New के प्रशन पत्र ढूंढ़ रहे है तोः आप बिलकुल सही स्थान पे आये है यहां आपको  इग्नू  MCA_New प्रश्न पत्र सब मिलेगा.

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IGNOU MCA_New Question Paper Master of Computer

First Semester

Subject Code Course Name Click To
MCS 211  Design and Analysis of Algorithms Download
MCS-212 Discrete Mathematics Download
MCS-213 Software Engineering Download
MCS-214 Professional Skills and Ethics Download
MCS-215 Security and Cyber Laws Download
MCS 216 DAA and Web Design Lab Download
MCS 217 Software Engineering Lab Download

Second Semester

Subject Code Course Name Download
MCS 218  Data Communication and Computer Networks Download
MCS-219  Object Oriented Analysis and Design Download
MCS-220 Software Engineering Download
MCS-221  Data Warehousing and Data Mining Download
MCS-222  OOAD and Web Technologies Lab Download
MCS-223  Computer Networks and Data Mining Lab Download

Third Semester

Subject Code Course Name Download
MCS 224  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Download
MCS-225  Accountancy and Financial Management Download
MCS-226  Data Science and Big Data Download
MCS-227  Cloud Computing and IoT Download
MCS-228  AI and Machine Learning Lab Download
MCS-229  Cloud and Data Science Lab Download


Fourth Semester

Subject Code Course Name Download
MCS 230  Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision Download
MCS-231  Mobile Computing Download
MCS-232  Project (MCA_New) Download


How to Download IGNOU MCA_New Question Paper ?

The Student can download the Question Papers online. The free of cost Question Paper is easily accessible to the aspirants and helps them to prepare for the test. Find below the steps to download the IGNOU Question Paper

  1. Visit the IGNOU Official Website ignou.ac.in
  2. Go to Student Zone Section.
  3. Click on the Question Paper Section.
  4. Choose Your Program
  5. Then Select Your Year Of Assignment.
  6. And Finally Download the Question Paper

Benefits of  IGNOU MCA_New Question Paper

IGNOU previous year question papers are referred by thousands of scholars appearing for the exams. the advantages of studying IGNOU previous year question papers are as follows.

  • The IGNOU MCA_New  previous year question papers help students understand the Questions that Apper in Exam
  • The question paper solving also helps students to know which sort of questions can come.
  • The students are going to be easily conscious of the marking scheme followed and therefore the section-wise of the questionnaire of IGNOU question papers.
  • By practicing the previous year question papers of IGNOU students are often more confident in appearing for the exam and aim for higher marks.
  • Working on the previous year’s question can help improve query solving abilities and the way long to question which inquiries to do.

Conclusion: This Article is All About IGNOU MCA_New Question Paper ,MCA_New Sample Paper, & MCA_New Guess Paper ,MCA_New Helpbook Guide, Master of Computer

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